GOTR Improving Community - One Project At A Time

GOTR Comm Serv 2018

Who Knew Giving Back Could Be So Much Fun?!


Girls on the Run helps girls grow confidence through accomplishment. Along with all of the lessons about life skills taught through running games, they have two bigger goals. One, of course, is for each girl to train for and run a 5K with her team and all the other teams throughout Whatcom County at the end of the season.


The other big goal is to collaborate with her teammates to plan and implement a Community Impact Project.  Each team of girls brainstorms the different communities that they belong to. They discuss ideas for how they can show gratitude to their community, and eventually they come to a consensus. The girls plan, divvy-up duties and execute the project together.


The Skyline GOTR team decided to visit an assisted living facility in Ferndale. They gathered up some fun picture books and simple board games to play with the residents. The two generations spent the afternoon huddled in small groups, swapping stories and laughter.


Several teams organized supply drives at their schools to support the homeless animals at Whatcom Humane Society.  Did you know that the WHS has an animal food bank? This is for folks who barely have the funds to buy their own meals, let alone kibble for their pets. Our girls delivered many, many pounds of cat and dog food to the food bank, along with towels, blankets and toys for the animal residents of the shelter waiting for their forever homes.


In recent years our girls have had bake sales, car washes, and other fundraisers to donate funds to organizations such as the Hospice House, Children’s Hospital, Lydia Place, Lighthouse Mission and Skookum Kids, to name a few.  


The girls learn that their little ol’ selves have the power to make a positive impact in our community with just a little effort and a lot of teamwork.