Winter Camp

Kids grades K-8

This December your kids can have a great time while on school break.

Adventure Camp

Kids entering grades 1-5 in Fall 2022

The YMCA provides camp for school age children throughout the summer. 

Returning Summer 2022!

Challenger Camp

Kids entering grades 6-8 in Fall 2022

Providing programming for teens is another way the Y is here for our community.

Returning Summer 2022!

What is special about camp at the Y?


Our Campers will gain new knowledge, skills and abilities that help them realize their passions, talents and potential. Progressive skill clinics will build confidence and assist campers to discover who they are.



Camp is all about developing good relationships. Campers will make new friends and form positive relationships with adult role models.



Our camps create a sense of community where kids feel safe, welcome and can express their individuality.


At Y Camps, we recognize that successful youth development requires a holistic approach that allows kids to laugh, learn, explore and grow, while creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Youth need caring and professional role models that are committed to helping kids build confidence and character. 

Our camp counselors are selected based on their experience, attitude, skills and their ability to accept and demonstrate the YMCA Core Values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Our loyal, dedicated and professional staff help youth realize their potential to be active, thriving and contributing members of society.



The YMCA implements a series of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in our summer programs. We are committed to getting our campers physically active every day. Our goal is to ensure that children engage in at least 90 minutes of physical activity per day, including a mix of moderate and vigorous physical activities that promote bone and muscle strengthening.

Healthy foods help ensure children receive the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow. All of our camps provide snacks that meet the HEPA guidelines of whole grains, reduced sugar content, and fruits or vegetables at each snack time.



We believe the desire to belong and help others is human nature and everyone has something of value to contribute to the greater good. Camps serve as a catalyst for positive change, encouraging campers to expand their comfort zones in what they do, who they know and what they believe. 

We are here to show kids all they can accomplish when they believe in themselves. They thrive, knowing they can relax in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.