YMCA Healthy Aging Community Cafés bring together those who are 55+ to build health in spirit, mind, and body so that we thrive with greater purpose, connection, and well-being. 

Each café is an hour-long Zoom call starting with a large group time of welcome. The next 15 minutes is spent with an expert talking about the designated subject for the day, followed by a 20-minute reflective dialogue in small groups about the subject. Everyone is invited to listen and contribute as they feel comfortable. The large group gathers back the last 5 minutes for a note of encouragement.


All YMCA Healthy Aging Community Cafés are hosted on Zoom. If you are new to Zoom and would like some assistance getting started, please note that on your registration form.




June 4 - July 16

June 4: Resources to Increase Back Health

Core strength is related to back health. Where is your core and how do you strengthen it? You don’t need a full gym set up to gain back strength. We’ll highlight online resources for exercises you can do at home to increase your back health.

June 4:  1-2pm

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June 11: Resources to Increase Your Flexibility

Stretching helps to release tension and increase range of motion in your joints. We’ll highlight online resources for exercises you can do at home to bring more flexibility to the top and bottom, front and back of your body.

June 11:  1-2pm

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June 18: Getting to Know You

When people have lived 60, 70, 80+ years, they are a rich treasure chest of interesting 
experiences to share. Come listen to the stories of your peers and witness how curious 
questions start fascinating conversation. Excited to discover what is in the treasure chests!

June 18:  1-2pm

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June 25: Mid-Year Goals Check-in

At the mid-point of 2024, how are we all doing with our goals and intentions? What are some ways we can regain our motivational spark and keep our intentions front of mind for the rest of the year?


June 25: 1-2pm

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July 2: History: Fact or Fiction?

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday let's see which iconic stories stand the test of time, and which are busted. Did George Washington cut down a cherry tree? Did Betsy Ross sew the first American flag?

July 2:  1-2pm

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July 9: Be Aware of Scams and Frauds

Just when we thought we had trained ourselves to recognize all the scams, clever criminals have come up with new twists.  Learn how to protect yourself and your resources from these schemes.

July 9: 1-2pm

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July 16: Aging in Place

Learn practical strategies from an Occupational Therapist for adapting living spaces to accommodate evolving needs and promote aging gracefully in familiar surroundings. Home modifications can enhance safety and comfort, fostering a sense of security and autonomy for seniors.

July 16:  1-2pm

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