YMCA Healthy Aging Community Cafés bring together those who are 55+ to build health in spirit, mind, and body so that we thrive with greater purpose, connection, and well-being. 

Each café is an hour-long Zoom call starting with a large group time of welcome. The next 15 minutes is spent with an expert talking about the designated subject for the day, followed by a 20-minute reflective dialogue in small groups about the subject. Everyone is invited to listen and contribute as they feel comfortable. The large group gathers back the last 5 minutes for a note of encouragement.


All YMCA Healthy Aging Community Cafés are hosted on Zoom. If you are new to Zoom and would like some assistance getting started, please note that on your registration form.




February 20th - March 26th 

February 20th: What is Conscious Aging?

Certified health and wellness coach Nina Auerbach will introduce us to the concepts of Conscious Aging. Redefine your perceptions about aging to make sense of your life experience, find meaning, awaken to a creative future, and energize your next stage of life.

February 20:  1-2pm

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March 5 - Become an Illuminator

Many of us quickly size people up and make snap judgments when meeting them, so we don’t see each other deeply. Come discover ways we can begin to see others deeply and become Illuminators, rather than diminishers. 

March 5:  1-2pm

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March 12 - Good Talk

To truly get to know another person, we must have meaningful conversations. Knowing how to ask the right kind of questions can deepen our understanding of others and build stronger relationships.

March 12: 1-2pm

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March 19 - The Art of Empathy

We want to help our family and friends live healthy and happy lives. Do you find yourself wanting to fix others? Let’s slow down and examine practices that help others feel understood in times of struggle and loss, including being present and empathetic.  

March 19:  1-2pm

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March 26 - What Energy do You Bring into a Room?

Individuals have different personality traits.  Our personalities are reflected in how we communicate. Being aware of your own traits and recognizing others helps us connect at a deeper level. We’ll explore five primary traits and how they influence every aspect of our lives from career choices to relationships.

March 26:  1-2pm


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