Our youth swim team is designed for advanced swimmers who wish to pursue competitive swimming in a fun and positive environment. Swimmers must have a Whatcom Family YMCA membership and have passed Level 5 & 6 or equivalent to participate. For more information contact Head Coach/Team Coordinator David Millican at Bellingham, 360-733-8630 x1122 or email


Some New Procedures But Still The Same Great Team! 

In order for the YMCA to provide this program, we must require all swimmers to abide by the following procedures and protocols set forward by the Whatcom County Healthy Department:

  • Masks must be worn in the building and on the pool deck at all times unless in the water.
  • NO LOCKER ROOMS AVAILABLE. Swimmers must arrive to the YMCA in their swim suit on underneath their street clothes.
  • Swimmers enter the lobby, receive health check and proceed to the first floor entrance to the pool. Lifeguards or coaches will allow access once cleaning from the previous activity has been completed.
  • Between each session and after practice cleaning of pool deck will be done.
  • A plastic bin is available for all swimmers personal items. The bins will accompany the swimmer to their lane assigned by the coach.
  • Each swimmer will register for a "Pod" to swim with the same kids each day due to COVID precaution measures (8 max in each Pod)
  • Swimmers 10 and under:
    • Parent or guardian accompany their swimmer to the pool deck and sign them in with the coach.
    • Parents must then leave the pool area and the YMCA during practice.
    • Parents must pick up their swimmer at the base of the stairs from the alley sign out with me after practice out back door.
  • Swimmers will will enter and exit their lane on opposite sides.
  • After practice swimmers will put street clothes back on with social distancing in mind and place dirty bins by exit side door to the alley while walking out the door.
  • Only 2 swimmers per lane swimming on opposite sides circle swimming. 
  • If swimmers are stopped for coaching they will be on opposite sides but staying in the middle of the lane to maintain 6 feet distancing.
  • Only the bathroom and shower off small pool will be used. 
  • Parents are not allowed to be on deck during practice due to capacity limitations the YMCA is required to maintain.
  • Due to COVID precautions, all swimmers must bring their own goggles and swim caps. We also request that swimmers bring their own kickboards and pull buoy if they have them.

Dolphin POD #1

Maximum 8 swimmers (due to COVID precautions we must ask that swimmers swim at the times assigned to their PODS).


Tuesdays & Thursdays:  5:30-6:20pm

Saturdays: 9:00-9:40am


Ages 8-18


Fees:  $65 (must be YMCA Member)

Dolphin POD #2

Maximum 8 swimmers (due to COVID precautions we must ask that swimmers swim at the times assigned to their PODS).


Tuesdays & Thursdays:  6:30-7:20pm

Saturdays: 9:50-10:30am


Ages 8-18


Fees:  $65 (must be YMCA Member)


The WYD Dolphins swim in the Puget Sound Swim Association (PSSA). The PSSA is made up primarily of YMCA sponsored teams. The league is split into a northern section and a southern section. The Dolphins swim mainly against teams from teams located in Seattle and north. PSSA league is working on setting up swim meets that will be in compliance with health and safety due to COVID-19.

Swim Gear 2020-2021

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  2. Click on Team Login (under Nike logo)
  3. Click on Yes my team is registered
  4. Login ID = Whatcom
  5. Password = YMCA