Wellness Center COVID Precautions

Safety, Sanitation and Social distancing are our top priorities. With that in mind, we have made several adjustments to our Wellness Center.

  • We have reduced the number of cardiovascular equipment  to provide safe distancing while working out. We have increased the distance between all of our Matrix equipment, even placing several pieces in 1/2 of the gymnasium.
  • Our LifeFitness circuit machines have been moved up to the 4th Floor Multipurpose Room. We also have a recumbent bike, arm ergometer, Nu-Step and rowing machine available in the Multipurpose room for those wanting to use that equipment to warm-up or exercise.
  • Capacity in the Wellness Center and LifeFitness Equipment Room will be limited. 
  • At this time, masks are required at all times when in the facility.
  • Please clean every machine before and after each use. Our Wellness Center staff will be cleaning equipment throughout the day, but your help is appreciated to keep everyone safe.


Building strong muscles and bones is a positive step toward maximizing your healthy living potential. In addition to the benefits of strength training, Y Members can enjoy positive, healthy relationships with other members, volunteers and staff.


YMCA Members ages 15 & older have full use of the wellness center. Members ages 12-14 interested in using the weight room are welcome with a parent or can take Teen Strength Training. Upon successful completion, teens may use the weight room without direct supervision. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in any YMCA facility Wellness Center.


Meet individually with one of our nationally certified personal trainers who will develop a safe, effective workout for you, Ideal for someone just beginning to exercise or for a regular fitness participant looking for variety. Each session is one hour.

Partner Personal Training is also available. Sign up for personal training with a friend or spouse. Partners are a great way to establish a consistent, ongoing commitment toward healthy living.

Step #1: Choose a Trainer

Step #2: Register & Pay

Step #3: Complete P.T. Health History Form

Step #4: Once all of the above are completed your trainer will contact you



YMCA members can meet with a YMCA instructor to get familiar with the Wellness Center and learn a basic strength-training program. Register at the Welcome Desk.

Step #1: Register & Pay

Step #2: Complete Basic Strength Training Form 

Step #3: Once all of the above are completed a YMCA Wellness Center staff will contact you



Two one-on-one personal training sessions just for teens. Sessions include basic anatomy, equipment instruction and basic program design. Successful completion of these sessions allows youth ages 12-14 use of the Wellness Center without adult supervision.

Step #1: Register & Pay

Step #2: Complete Teen Strength Training Form

Step #3: Once all of the above are completed a YMCA Wellness Center staff will contact you