Our mission is to engage communities and families by providing an inclusive youth running experience, inspiring kids to believe in themselves and lead an active lifestyle. 



Runners set individual goals and track their progress on their own mileage log. Over the course of six weeks they will run, walk, (or skip!) there way to completing a marathon (26.2 miles)! 

Runners will progress at their own pace in a non-competitive environment and encouraged to challenge themselves each week. They will experience pride in the accomplishments, increased endurance and have fun! 


WE MAKE RUNNING FUN: First and foremost, running should be fun. Runners are encouraged to participate and try their best. We will have team building exercises and weekly encouragement awards to promote an inclusive, positive environment.


WE EMPHASIZE GOOD TECHNIQUE AND FORM: Trained coaches will teach runners good form and help eliminate bad habits such as excessive arm movement, twisting of the upper body, or over striding.


WE FOCUS ON PARTICIPATION AND SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Running will be about participation and developing a healthy lifestyle, not about being the fastest kid in the school or program. We teach individual goal setting and encourage each runner to take pride in their own successes and accomplishments.


SERVICE PROJECTS: Service projects are completed to help runners to expand their awareness of ways they can make a difference in their community.


BOOSTING CONFIDENCE BY COMPLETING A 5K: Twice per year runners will have the opportunity to train for and complete the Girls on the Run & Trail Blazers 5K. This will help runners realize their innate ability to accomplish hard things, as well as what it feels like to set and achieve a goal.  We encourage each runner to focus on performing at their personal best and not competing with the others around them.



  • Share our passion of running and promote a lifelong enjoyment of the sport and fitness
  • Encourage runners to move at their own pace and challenge themselves to improve
  • Provide a safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment for running
  • Empower runners to learn lifelong positive habits
  • Promote good sportsmanship within a team
  • Teach individuals the power of goal setting and achieving success
  • Have Fun!