Last modified at Fri, 05/22/2020 - 6:10pm

ALL CLASSES RUN 10-10:45AM. With a 5-minute social chat time at the end of each class.


Please go at your own pace and listen to your body when participating in YMCA virtual exercise classes for seniors. Listen to the instructor for modifications to make your workout less intense or more challenging. Seated modifications will be shown. It is important that your space is clear, you have something to hold onto that is sturdy and does not move, and that you honor your body by skipping activities that do not work for you.  


We will be emailing the specific links to each class on Sundays each week to our senior members (please check your spam folder)

  1. From the email, click on the link for the day/class you want to attend. Please keep Zoom Link email ALL WEEK.
  2. If prompted to input name, please put first AND last name so we can take attendance.
  3. You may be asked to input the Meeting I.D. and/or password (different for each class)
  4. You will be placed in the “waiting room” until we accept you into the class


We know that we miss all of your smiling faces so have developed a way to see you and for you to work out with us. In an effort to provide adequate sound so you can hear us and music licensing restrictions, all of our workouts will be without music.


Our instructors will film from their homes to comply with the Stay Healthy, Stay Home mandate. We will provide 45 minute live workouts at 10:00am Monday - Friday. This will be provided through ZOOM software. It's very easy to watch on a phone, tablet or computer.

Safety Considerations

  1. Please ensure your space is free of debris (dog toys, furniture, etc)

  2. If using a chair, make sure it is sturdy, stable and ideally has no arms

  3. Keep a water bottle close by

  4. Make sure you are working to your level of fitness


Balance Class with Tammy & Mary

What better way to start your week than getting balanced? We will spend 45 minutes working on ankle mobility and stability, hip stability, hip adductors and abductors, posture and more.  Both static (still) and dynamic (moving) balance exercises will be included. Mary and Tammy will alternate teaching this Monday class. It is VERY important you you have something sturdy, that does not move, to put your hand on for support during this class, even if you don't think you need it.

No Class Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.


Senior Cardio Class with Mary & Tammy

Let's get your heart pumping! 45 minute class includes 5 minutes each of warm-up & cool-down, plus 35 minutes of cardio. Make sure you wear shoes, have water handy, and clear your floor space. Also, for now, we are not using music so be prepared for stories.  And maybe costumes!


Chair Yoga with Beth

This chair yoga class will include some focused breathing to start with; some seated and standing yoga moves and positions to help us with strength and flexibility; and finish with a guided relaxation. Make sure you have a very stable chair, ideally with no arms, and have a clear floor in front and to the side of you. We look forward to offering this class!


Brain Body Workout with Tara

Hey seniors! During this 45 minute class we will use our bodies AND brains to move through various combos, patterns and low impact choreography. All you need is space to move around, supportive shoes, and a sturdy chair. OH! and ability to laugh and feel silly at times - it’s good for us. We look forward to “seeing” you! 


Senior Strength & Stretch with Karin

Join us at 10:00am Fridays for a 45 minute Senior Strength & Stretch class! Karin will perform a 5 minute warm-up, followed by 4 upper body and 5 lower body arthritis-friendly strength moves ending with a gentle full body stretch. This class can be done with OR without small hand weights. We hope to see you there! 

If you don't have speakers on your computer, you can call in on your phone to hear your instructors:  1-253-215-8782 US (Pacific Time Zone). You will be asked to add the "Meeting ID" which is listed in your email for each class.


If you have suggestions/feedback that you would like to provide regarding these LIVE fitness options, please email Elana English, Marketing Director, If you need assistance with Zoom please email Krissy Norton, Administrative Director,