We have reached out to Whatcom County's top experts in their fields and they will be providing some educational time every Monday morning before our Live Senior Fitness Classes. If you missed any of these classes, we have all of the recordings on this webpage.

Carolyn Watson: Mon, Aug. 3

A Better Foot to Stand On

Join us on Monday August 3 at 9:15am for a educational talk from Carolyn Watson, L.Ac, M.S.

Learn how your foot talks and listens to the rest of your body, and snag some tricks for feeling better, both on and off your feet. 

We have a limited number of half tennis balls available for no charge, please contact Tammy, tbennett@whatcomymca.org, to schedule a pick-up.

Elizabeth Hampton: Mon, Aug. 10

Conversation With Your Body

Elizabeth Hampton, PT, DPT, WCS, PRPC, BCB-PMD, is the owner of CorePhysio and will present on talking to your body at 9:15am on Monday, August 10.

Research shows that just about everyone has arthritis, imperfect cartilage in their knee or some kind of structural change in their musculoskeletal system. Certainly, if you have a broken femur, that is something that needs specific care and surgery!

However when clients hear about their MRI or x-ray showing some kind of structural change, it can create worry. The good news is that bodies don’t have to be perfect to move well, be strong and feel good. Many conditions are like ‘wrinkles from the inside’ and understanding patterns and safe movements can result in a tricky body part learning how to move safely.

What’s Pain Got to do with it? A pain neuroscience online class free through August 31, 2020 written by my colleague and Therapeutic Pain Specialist Katie Schaner PT DPT TPS.


Your MRI may not give you the entire picture


Rebecca Carson: Mon, Aug. 17

Breathing as a Pathway to Stability

Log in at 9:15am on Monday, August 17 with Rebecca Carson, our YMCA yoga instructor with a deep interest in helping people delight in the wholeness of their being. 

We are all experiencing ambiguous loss and anxiety.  Breathing exercises can help ease the "fight or flight response", and the anxiety associated when we remain in this state. We will learn some simple and effective breathing techniques, and accompany them with easy movement which can be done sitting in a chair or on the floor.  

Eric D. Short-Miller: Mon, Aug. 24

Posture Fixes in Pandemic Times

Eric Miller, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, will help you with your posture at 9:15am on Monday, August 24.

Over the past several months as we’ve increasingly relied upon technology to maintain connections and communicate we have seen an increase in the amount of low back & neck pain incidents in our patients.  Join me as we discuss the consequences of postural neglect and how we can work to prevent and reduce our bent or stooped postures.

Link to Fysical Bellingham website:


A great video about ergonomics for the home work station:


More resources on the McKenzie System for looking at Mechanical Pain:


April Claxton: Mon, Aug. 31

Forest Bathing to Soothe Your Soul

April Claxton will the importance of getting outdoors at 9:15am on Monday, August 31.

Learn about the health benefits of time in nature as well as some basic practices of Forest Bathing (taking in the forest through your senses). We will discuss some basic practices you can do on your own to find calm and connection in the woods, a park or even your own backyard. 

To learn more about April's business "Among the Trees", visit her on Instagram: