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About the Jr. Counselor program 

The Jr. Counselor program is a crucial part of our youth summer camp programs. Having teen volunteers provide the first level or role models for our campers as well help us with the "nuts and bolts" of the daily duties of the programs! The responsibilities of a Jr. Counselor can range from assisting a Camp Counselor to keep the group moving, to leading small group games, setting up all camp activities or prepping snacks! 


Camp Better Together follows strict Covid-19 safety measures following the most recent CDC and Y-USA safety guidance. Junior Counselors and our Summer Camp staff are all required to complete a daily health screening upon entry to the program spaces. This screening will be a series of questions and a possible temperature check!  


Locations are limited to 4 Jr. Counselors per site/week.



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All individuals involved with Adventure Camp Junior Counselor program are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well upon themselves, Adventure Camp, and the Whatcom Family YMCA.  This Code of Conduct must be signed and followed by all participants and their parents/guardians.

Youth will

  1. Show respect to themselves, other Jr. Counselors, Counselors, and Directors, as well as campers.
  2. Conduct himself/herself in a responsible manner regarding YMCA facilities, and any other camp facilities we utilize and do their best to keep it clean.
  3. Complete an on-line Child Abuse Prevention Training for Volunteers. (this will be done as group at the training)
  4. Not use or possess any tobacco products at any time.
  5. Not use or possess any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or illicit drugs.
  6. Not use cell phones, or any other electronic equipment while volunteering with the kids.

During camp, Jr. Counselors will be assigned a counselor to work with. They will be there to assist the counselor, but are not expected to fulfill the role of a counselor.  On the overnights, they must stay with their counselor and group the entire night.

Further, participant understands that the penalty for violating the Code of Conduct or any additional rules established by either Camp Director or YMCA Staff will result in consequences determined by the staff.  Any serious violation may result in the participant’s immediate dismissal from Adventure Camp and notification of her/his parents/guardians. It will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians to make all necessary arrangements for the participants to be picked up.

I agree to the Jr. Counselor Code of Conduct

Photo Release:  I do hereby grant permission for the YMCA (local, national, and international) to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs or other media that may include my child’s image or voice to promote or interpret YMCA programs.

Photo Release

Medical Authorization & Liability Release:  As a parent/legal guardian, I hereby agree to hold harmless the YMCA staff, directors, and volunteers from liability for any accidents resulting from participation . I consent to the YMCA to secure emergency care as needed or prescribed at my expense for my child. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb or well being of my child. I also give permission to the YMCA to provide transportation as needed for my child in case of an emergency, at my expense. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the YMCA of any changes to my child’s health.

Medical Release

Swim Ability: I understand that on my child’s first visit to YMCA pools, my child will participate in a swim test.He/she will be placed into the appropriate swim level according to the lifeguard’s evaluation as described in the parent handbook.

Swim Ability

Climbing Wall Release: In consideration of the YMCA allowing my child to use the Climbing Wall, I the undersigned user, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the YMCA, its officers, directors, agents and employees, from all causes of action, claims, demands, losses & consequence of the neglect of the YMCA in safeguarding my use of the Climbing Wall, or because of any act, neglect or misconduct of the YMCA, its officers, agents and employees.

Climbing Waiver
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