Balance is a Perishable Skill


YMCA Balance Workshop
Thursday, September 21, 1:15pm

Learn, or brush up on, static & dynamic balance skills that incorporate visual, vestibular and somatosensory components.  A regular balance practice, at home or in a group setting, can help you to build the balance basics:  strength, sensory stimulation, confidence, coordination and a cognitive link.  When your neural pathways are open and strong, your body is better prepared for a deviation from its normal path that is caused by an outside influence.

This workshop will stretch your brain and work your body.  Topics include fall risk & reduction, how your muscles and posture play into your balance, the bodily systems that impact balance, how to make balance exercises harder or easier so you can both be safe & progress, and more.  Participants will take home a handout of the balance exercises presented/practiced in the workshop.

This workshop includes a hands-on session of practicing a variety of balance skills in a safe setting.  All exercises will have optional support and a progression from stable to challenging.  No special equipment necessary (besides something sturdy near you) to do these exercises at home.  And balance doesn't have to be boring, so expect some fun activities in this workshop, too.

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