Designed with the needs of families in mind, Y's Kids After School Enrichment gives parents a safe, affordable and convenient program on which they can depend. We provide a variety of activities that encourage, excite and enrich during those critical hours between home and school.


When & Where

Y's Kids provides after school care at 18 locations throughout Bellingham and Ferndale. Before school care is provided at variable schools. Click in the link below to see if we are at your school.


Bellingham School District (All Elementary Schools)
Ferndale School District (Cascadia, Eagleridge, and Skyline)
Franklin Academy (Formerly St. Paul's)

*Non-school enrichment days and holiday camps are also offered at various sites for an additional and affordable fee. 


Payment options vary, youth membership included in fees. Click below for a complete fee schedule. YMCA Financial Assistance is available for all YMCA programs based on financial need. Applications are available at any YMCA branch or online

How do I Register?

Register online (preferred method) OR bring completed Registration Forms to the Bellingham or Ferndale YMCA Welcome Desks.

ONLINE REGISTRATION BEGINS Monday, June 3 at 12:00am

In-person registration opens at 7:00am on June 3 at 7:00am at the Bellingham or Ferndale YMCA. After June 3rd, registrations can be done in-person at any time.

Parent Information Handbook & Forms are available the Y's Kids School Enrichment page (click here).

How does my child get from Before School care to their classroom?

Our staff will release your child to the school breakfast program or playground at the appropriate time designated by that school location. At that point, the individual school procedure will be followed.


How does my child get from their classroom to the After School location?

Be sure to inform your child’s teacher and the school office that your child is scheduled to attend the Y After School Enrichment. When the students are released from the classroom, those going home on the bus, walking or going to the Y will be directed accordingly by their teacher and that school procedure.


How do I know that my child arrived safely to After School care?

It is sometimes hard for parents to trust that we will contact you if your child does not show up for a scheduled day. If you are concerned, please call us at 360-255-0585. We will put you on hold and call the site.


How does the staff follow up if my child does not show up?

The Y staff is trained to immediately check in all children and identify which children did not show up for a scheduled day. This process begins within 5 minutes of the school release time. At that time, they would contact the school office to see if the absent child attended school that day. The staff would also call the Y office to see if there is a late message from the parent. In most cases, this resolves the concern and we stop there. If not, the staff either at the site or in the Y office would call the parents clarify their child’s location. 99% of the time, the parent forgot to call us.


How do I let the Y know when my child is sick or will be absent on a scheduled day?

If your child will be absent, you have a change of schedule or you will be going on vacation, please contact the Y Family Enrichment office at 360-255-0585 or email We will take the message, post a copy for the staff to pick up and keep a copy here in the office. If you leave a voicemail, please be sure to include your child’s name and school and the date(s) you are calling about. You typically do not need to call if your child will be absent Before School. If, however, they will be absent before school for a week or more, please let us know.


What does my child do when they attend the Y program?

Before School: Children arrive at various times throughout the morning resulting in a low key, interactive environment.
After School:  After Y staff sign children in to the program, your child will experience social interaction, Reader’s Choice, a healthy snack and outside physical activity. Our goal is to achieve a balance between structured activity and free time allowing children the opportunity to interact with and make new friends in a safe, inclusive setting. The Y values of Caring, Responsibility, Honesty and Respect are the platform used to guide children in decision making and individual social-emotional skill building.


What happens on Early Release Days?

If your child is already scheduled for the day when this falls, you do not have to do anything. ​The Y Staff will be present for all Early Release Days at the time school is released. If you are not normally scheduled for that Early Release day, please call the Y office, 360-255-0585, to see if there is space to add your child for that day. We will pro-rate the additional day and add the charges to your next bill.


What do I do if there is no school and I need care for my child?

​During most No School Days (with some Holiday exceptions) the Y offers day by day programs for families that need care. The Parent Handbook lists all NO SCHOOL DAY programs offered. Additional daily registration is required for all of these programs;in-person and online registration available for current Before and After School participants. Debit and credit cards are accepted


How am I billed for care?

You will receive a bill via email and a newsletter emailed each month around the 20th of the month. Charges that accrued after the last billing will show up as a previous balance. If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the Y Family Enrichment office. You are billed based on the 180 day school requirement. Some months are billed at ¾ or ½ month fees due to school vacation breaks.


How is the registration and billing different if DSHS pays for my child care?

Please contact the office and we can guide you through the registration procedure. You will receive a monthly bill with your copay amount or a zero balance, but you will still receive a bill and a newsletter. Other charges that are not covered by DSHS may be attached. For example, late pick up or no call fees are the responsibility of the parent. Care used without appropriate authorization on file with the office will also be billed to the parent.


What happens in the Summer Time?

When you are registered for Before and/or After School Enrichment, that registration ends with the last day of school. Adventure Camp and Y’s Kids Summer Enrichment are offered during the summer months. Registration typically opens in March.