All practices will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. We will do some light movement, followed by a sitting meditation, and finish with more movement specific to our theme.

The Whatcom Family YMCA is proud to offer these classes to all, so invite your friends and join us in class!

Lunar New Year: Feb. 12, 5:30pm

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by people who use a lunisolar calendar. It also marks the beginning of a new year.

February is also a time when we really begin to notice the lengthening of days, and, in places like Bellingham, new life may be already budding!

We’ll practice opening, expanding, and reaching up and out in our asana practice.

Spring Solstice: Mar. 19, 5:30pm

The solstice is actually the next day! In the northern hemisphere the spring
equinox marks the time when day and night are of (nearly) equal length.

We will engage in an asana practice of equanimity; working balance right to left, up and down, and some more traditionally challenging poses.