Here For Our Community


Y-Fi Family Access is available FREE to ALL families to assist with this fall's online learning (no membership required). Please note expectations and requirements to participate:Y-Fi logo green


  • All families are welcome, YMCA membership is not required, however, we must require reservations for proper social distancing.
  • To reserve a spot, call the YMCA, 360-733-8630 or reserve online with the schedule below. Please register in SuperSaas on the the schedule below. Reservations may be made up to 24 hours in advance (just like checking into a flight, it must be exactly 24 hours). Please only register the Parent/Guardian name (no student names are needed).
  • Masks must be worn while walking throughout the facility. When you reach your Y-Fi Zone work station, you may remove your mask.
  • To enter the facility, all over the age 16 years old, must provide Photo I.D.
  • One family per Y-Fi Zone work station in the YMCA (a family is defined by all living with the SAME household).
  • Time blocks are blocked out for 1 hour and 45 minutes per Y-Fi Zone work station.
  • Students must bring their own devices and headphones for zoom meetings.
  • Location for our Y-Fi Zone will be the Women's Locker Room on the 2nd Floor. Our locker rooms can not be used in the "traditional" sense due to COVID-19 mandates. The benefit to hosting our Y-Fi Zone in the Women's Locker Room is there are sinks and restrooms readily available.
  • Please note our facility precautions when entering our building:
    • Temperatures will be taken on each individual
    • Masks must be worn by all entering our facility and must stay on the entire time you are in the Y-Fi Zone (masks are available if you do not have one)
    • Each person in the family must complete the Health Questionnaire
  • Parents must remain in the Y-Fi Zone the entire time. Sinks and restrooms are available for use in the Women's Locker Room.

To reserve a spot in the Y-Fi Zone you can all the YMCA, 360-733-8630 or you can register online:

  1. Register in the SuperSaas software (FREE)
  2. Please use the parent/guardian First and Last name (no student names are needed)
  3. Find the day/time you would like use the Y-Fi Zone and "create a new reservation"
  4. Reservations may only be made 24 hours in advance (just like checking into the flight, exactly 24 hours prior)