Last modified at Mon, 03/30/2020 - 2:48pm

Update March 30, 2020

Stay home. Stay healthy. That was the message we heard from Governor Inslee on March 23. He encouraged us to take walks and get fresh air as those are essential for our mental and physical health. 


However, we are warned to go only with our immediate family members and stay away from crowds. We must minimize physical contact with other people. From what we have seen, our Trail Blazers and GOTR families are already doing these things. 


PLEASE keep sending us your fun photos and creative ideas. If you choose to hike we would love to help you find trails that are close to your home. We will continue putting raffle tickets into the jar and awarding prizes each week. 


Send a photo or story about your adventures in the outdoors to Or you can share your image on our Facebook pages:

Week #1 Challenges

Check out the fun that we planned for Week #1. Please follow social distancing guidelines if you choose to venture out.

Week #2 Challenges

There are a couple of new trails for Week #2. With the "Stay at Home" order we will no longer be marking trails. But please continue to get outside and send us photos or stories of how you are staying healthy. 

Week #3 Challenges

Creativity will be key as we head into Week #3 of our challenge. Making sure to get out and get active while staying safe is so important. We have some fun new ways, and NEW friends, to share adventure ideas!