The last Trail Blazers/Girls on the Run Challenge will be a weeklong Bingo game. You have five days to cross out as many squares as possible. Let us know each time you complete a row and we will throw in a raffle ticket with your name on it. Earn TWELVE TICKETS for a blackout!  The Bingo Card and other activities are linked below.


Keep sending us your photos, videos or stories about your adventures to OR you can share your image on our Facebook pages. We will be picking six winners this week. Good luck! 

Happy Earth Day! April 22

We hope you’re having a blast crossing off squares for this week’s Bingo activity. We have had 24 challenge participants complete at least one row from the card. Who will be the first to get a blackout?!


Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The annual event focuses on environmental awareness and education. Typically, Earth Day is the perfect occasion to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. There are usually community groups organizing activities like tree planting and trash collecting. However, these activities may not be possible for us this year.


We will have to get creative in how we celebrate Earth Day from inside our homes or in our own backyards. We have included some ideas below. If you absolutely cannot get outside there are several ideas that you can do from your living room.


  • Spend time working in your garden OR start a garden
  • Start composting
  • Go on a walk, run or bike ride in your neighborhood
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or a nearby park/trail
  • Learn about different kinds of plants, bugs and animals
  • Eat some plant-based meals
  • Learn about local and national politicians’ stances on climate change and the environment.
  • Repurpose old items, and pick up a new skill
  • Build a critter home (bird house or bug hotel)
  • Throw an Earth Day party for your siblings and parents
  • Stargaze from your yard, balcony, or window
  • Watch BBC’s Planet Earth to get a broader understanding of our planet


Happy Earth Day! 

6-week Challenge Finale

It’s hard to believe that it has been six weeks since we were blazing trails after school. We look forward to the day when we can adventure together again!


We’re sorry to see this challenge end. It has brought us so much joy to see your photos and hear stories of your resilience. A big thanks to the hundreds of families who have participated.


While we will not continue the challenge we do have something fun in store! The YMCA 5k Your Way will take place on May 30th. Stay tuned for details! We are putting on this virtual event because we realize the importance of having something to look forward to. The YMCA 5k Your Way is something for your family to put on the calendar, know it is coming, train for it, ask others how their training is going, ask for advice and so on. It’s a challenge for you to tackle. We would like it to be a connection piece for you to embrace with others and something to simply look forward to. We’ll send more information about the event this week.


Without further ado, the winners of this week’s challenge are…

Izzie B - Fairhaven Runner Gift Certificate

Aeneias R - Trail Blazers Hoodie

Lucy S - Village Books Gift Card

Jensen D - Fairhaven Runner Gift Certificate

Margo S - Terra Girl Adventure Bag

Lucy K - Village Books Gift Card