Week #5 is going to be a great one with the weather that is in the forecast! We are so impressed with the ingenuity of all of the families to get outside and be active!

Keep sending us your photos, videos or stories about your adventures to jgallant@whatcomymca.org OR you can share your image on our Facebook pages:

Week #5 Challenge: April 13

Today’s challenge is brought to you by Coach Angela and her supervisor, Lenny. 

What’s Your Name Workout

  • Use the guide below to write down the letters in your name and the corresponding exercises
  • Find a nice spot to do the exercises (indoors or outdoors)

Do the exercises assigned to each letter in your name.




Week #5 Challenge: April 14

We had an alien land in Bellingham this morning. This was her message:


“Want to backpedal to pre-Covid times?  So do I!  To backpedal, one must run backwards. Make sure your path is clear then show us your best reverse!”


Pick a safe course with nothing to trip over and run backwards laps. To add an extra challenge, complete five pushups in between each lap. 

Week #5 Challenge: April 15

Coach Sharon has a variety of pets. Perhaps the most entertaining of her four-legged family members is Alfie. Here is today’s challenge message from Alfie:


“I use my beak and claws to keep the ball moving on the ground, but you can use your hands, feet or head to keep the ball in motion on the ground or in the air for TEN minutes straight! You can do it alone or with a partner - just keep that ball moving!"


Feel free to repeat this challenge as many times as you’d like. You can use a different ball each time.

Week #5 Challenge: April 16

Let’s do a Triathlon!


Have you ever dreamed of completing a triathlon? Now is your chance! We challenge you to do three continuous endurance activities of your choice. The goal is to keep moving for at least 30 straight minutes with water breaks in between each event. Pick three of the activities below (or make up your own):

Running for 10 minutes - You could run laps around your house or up and down your sidewalk. You can even run in place in your living room or backyard.


  • Trampoline  Jump for 10 minutes
  • Jump rope for 10 minutes
  • Bike for 10 minutes - You can bike laps around the perimeter of your house or up and down your street. You can even use your parents indoor exercise bike if they have one.
  • Alternate cartwheels, jumping jacks and lunges for 10 minutes
  • Hula Hoop for 5 minutes and Hopscotch for 5 minutes
  • Shoot hoops for 10 minutes
  • Practice soccer skills for 10 minutes
  • Crank the music and have a 10 minute dance party


Week #5 Challenge: April 17

2020 Spring Backyard Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games may have been postponed but there is no reason why you can’t host your own (backyard) Olympics! Below are some ideas for competitive events you can do with a parent or sibling (s). We encourage you to get creative by coming up with your own events.

Sponge Race

Have each person place a bucket with water and a sponge on one side of the yard and an empty bucket at the other side. Soak the sponge in the water, run to the other side of the yard and squeeze the filled sponge into the bucket. Set a timer and the person that manages to squeeze the most water before the time is up wins.


Backyard Gymnastics

Lay a rope in a straight line on the grass. You can also place masking tape on the sidewalk. Perform a series of increasingly difficult maneuvers without straying from the stripe: walking backward; hopping on one foot; and doing cartwheels.



Compete in a crab-walk race—like a reverse crawl, on your hands and feet with your stomach facing up—from one side of the yard to the other and then back again.


Fill-it Water Race

Set up an obstacle course using whatever is available – tables, chairs, large rocks, etc. Give each person a plastic cup and a full bucket of water. Fill the cup and race to an empty bucket at the end of the course. The first person to fill the empty bucket wins the game.


Olympic-Ring Bean Bag Toss

Position a hula hoop 20+ feet away from where you’re standing. Take turns tossing a bean bag into the hoop. Each person takes five tosses, and earns one point for each bag that lands in the hoop. No hula hoop? You can also draw a circle on the sidewalk or use a beach towel.



Compete in a hula-hoop endurance test. Whoever keeps the hoop spinning around his or her waist longest wins.

Come up with your own ideas!  Extra raffle tickets for creating your own Olympic events.



Week #5: Raffle Winners!

Has it been five weeks already? Haha. We are sure that it feels more like five months to some of you! Your resiliency, humor and creativity have been incredibly inspiring to us. The daily photos and stories we receive remind us that we are all in this together (even while we're apart).

We picked five raffle tickets out of the jar for the fifth week of the Challenge. We will be wrapping up the Trail Blazers/Girls on the Run Six-Week Challenge next week. We’ll choose six kids to win prizes next Saturday so keep rocking the activities!

And the week five winners are…

  • Leona B - Trail Blazers hooded sweatshirt and a Village Books gift certificate –Generously donated by Molly Hayes
  • Jack F- Water bottle and Bliss gift certificate -Generously donated by Sabrina Houck
  • Asa G- Fairhaven Runner Gift Certificate – Generously donated by Coach Ralph and his wonderful family, Jen, Ben and Baden
  • Joe L (and his challenge buddies, Tess & Pearl)- Movie Certificate, popcorn and candy 
  • Hanna B-  Running is my Super Power cape and running belt

Have a wonderful weekend!