We are now in week 4 of our Stay at Home activity challenge. Continue to send us photos or videos of how you are staying active close to home with your famililes!

Send a photo or story about your adventures to jgallant@whatcomymca.org OR you can share your image on our Facebook pages:

Week #4 Challenge: April 6

Today’s challenge is brought to you by a hot dog. Yes, we said a hot dog. 

Her message: “Hot Dog Jacks-100 jumping jacks. Do a special jump or spin every 10th jack.” - Find the trimmed video link below. 

If you think that doing 100 jumping jacks is easy, just wait. Throwing in the extra-added jump or spin is more challenging than you think. Show us your moves!  Extra raffle tickets for creative expression.

Week #4 Challenge: April 7

Today, we challenge you to climb to the top of the Space Needle! Of course the Space Needle is closed so you will need to be creative in how you go about climbing the 839 steps to reach the top. You will be using the elevator to travel down from the Space Needle so the steps you take going down the stairs won’t count. The key is 839 steps UP!


You can use the steps in your home or at a nearby park.  You can even use the curb in front of your home!


IF you live very close to Whatcom Falls or the South Hill neighborhood we have counted the steps for the Whatcom Creek Stairway and the Taylor Stairs. You would need to go up these stairs eight times to reach your goal. Climb on, friends! 


Whatcom Creek Stairway = 105 stairs  (Enter at the intersection of Iowa Street and Woburn Street.)

Taylor Stairs = 104 stairs (Enter at the top of Taylor Street)

Week #4 Challenge: April 8

Remember the hot laps challenge from T-Rex? Well, sheeeee’s back! 

Message from T-Rex: 

“Get your tail off the couch!  

FIVES include: 

5 burpees
5 pushups
5 V ups
5 side hops
5 tuck jumps
5 squats with a knee lift.

No excuses. If I can do it with these tiny arms, you’re golden.” Show us your FIVES! As always, extra raffle tickets for exhibiting ingenuity. 

Week #4 Challenge: April 9

A game of Would You Rather is one of our favorite ways to warm up before hitting the trails! You can do this activity alone or with a quarantine partner.


Set up:

  • Click on the "Would You Rather" button below and print out the list of questions/activities OR write them down on a piece of paper that you will bring outside with you.
  • Find a large space in your backyard or in the front of your home. Place two cones or stuffed animals about 25 feet apart. You’ll want to put down a towel or yoga mat if you do not have dry grass to lay on for your sit ups, pushups and planks.
  • Read the statements out loud and choose your answer. Do the activity that corresponds with your answer. If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise, refer to the T-REX FIVES video from yesterday.

Week #4 Challenge: April 10

Show us your hops! The Easter Bunny came a few days early to deliver the following message:

 “Hoppy Friday! Let's hop to it!  How many hops can you do today?  Hop freely. Hop happy. Just hop.”


How many consecutive hops can you do? It appears that nobody has tried to set the world’s record for hopping on their own two feet. However, if you have a pogo stick you can try to break the record of 88,047 consecutive jumps. Good luck! Get hopping! 


Winners for Week#4

Your hard work and creativity have not slowed down. Thanks to all who have been sharing photos and videos from your close-to-home adventures. Stay tuned for some fun week-five challenges! Without further ado, the winners of the week four raffle prizes are…


  • Jewel and Claire B – "Stand Like the Trees: Strong. Together Yet Separate" T- shirts & Running Belts
  • Tristan G - Fairhaven Runner Gift Certificate & Water Bottle
  • Sloane L  - Camelbak Water Bottle & Girls on the Run Backpack
  • Bronco  and Piper C  - Trail Blazers Hoodies