As we continue with our "Stay Healthy, Stay at Home" order we want to give you more ideas on how to achieve your challenges from home.


We still encourage families to get outside and be active. Share your ideas on how you are achieving your challenge goals so others can learn more ways to have fun outdoors and remain socially distant. 


Send a photo or story about your adventures to OR you can share your image on our Facebook pages:

Week #3 Challenge: March 30

Up and at 'em! The sun is shining now but the rain may return this afternoon. We hope you'll mix up your routine and get out for an adventure this morning! Here is a little challenge from our Unicorn friend to get you going. 

"Rise & shine people! Let’s get this party started! It’s time for your Monday morning Uni Squats. You can do them indoors or outdoors, but you should definitely do them. Feel free to reply with a photo of you dominating this move."

Here are some fun exercises you can do inside or outside. 

Earn a raffle ticket for completing two sets of these nine exercises:

  1. Uni Squats – 20: Start in a stand-up position with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down until you are just over your knees, then stand again.
  2. Jumping Jacks - 20: Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise to get the blood and oxygen going.
  3. Jog In Place- Five minutes: If you are a jogger, or even if not, you can get some good cardio is to jog in place. Jogging in place strengthens the heart and lungs.
  4. Crunches – 20: Crunches work the upper abdominal muscles. They are similar to regular sit-ups, but rather than coming up to a sitting position, only raise up to lift your chest off the floor.
  5. Bicycle - Five minutes: On the floor with legs in the air, bicycle your legs for five minutes.
  6. Shoulder Touch- 20: Hold your arms out to the side and repeatedly bending your arms at the elbow to touch your shoulders. Repeat 20 times.
  7. Push Ups – 20: Keeping a prone position with the hands palms down under the shoulders and the back straight, push your body up and let it down by an alternate straightening and bending of the arms. Knees on the ground are A-okay!
  8. Lunges – 20: With feet together, lunge forward into a big step. You can either step back and repeat on other side or lunge on down the hall.
  9. Dance Party! – Five minutes: Try cranking up the music and dancing around the room for a good, cardio exercise.


Week #3 Challenge: March 31

Good morning! It was so much fun seeing your videos and photos from the Uni Squat Challenge! We thought we’d send some more ideas for moving in your own neighborhood.


Here are three activities you can do close to home. PICK ONE OR ALL THREE!


Races: Organize races in a yard or area around your house. Get creative with the type of race. You can have a three-legged race, a one-legged race, a crab walk race or jump rope (skipping rope) races! If you don’t have a quarantine buddy to race against, grab a stop watch and race against yourself (try to beat your time each lap)!


Sports: Pick a sport you can do at home or at a nearby park/school.  Choose Basketball, Pickleball, Frisbee, Baseball, Soccer or any other game you enjoy. Don’t have a quarantine buddy to play with? No problem!  You can shoot hoops, dribble the soccer ball, hit a ball against a wall using a racquet, etc. 


Spend time in open nature: Whether it’s going for a picnic or simply to play and stroll in the park, it’s always good to spend time out in the open. Plan a picnic and take along the ball, a frisbee and a skipping rope.


After you’ve done 1-3 activities, cross them off and we’ll send more ideas tomorrow! Don't forget to send us a photo or description so we can give you a raffle ticket! Happy trails!

Week #3 Challenge: April 1

Today’s challenge is simple, my friends. It only involves running shoes and dice. Costumes are optional (but recommended to boost the fun factor).


Our friend, T-Rex Tammy. She sent this message (click link below to see her video):

"T-Rex Hot Laps, that’s what. Preferably outside, but doable inside, get off your hind-end and count your laps. Perhaps the real reason T-Rex went extinct was a lack of cardiovascular fitness!"


Your challenge is to do Hot Laps (LOTS of them)!

  1. Pick a route around your yard, neighborhood or a school track (if there is one nearby)
  2. Roll (one or two) dice
  3. Run, skip, cartwheel or walk hot laps around the route as many times as the dice tells you too! If you roll double sixes, feel free to spread your hot laps out throughout the day

** Extra raffle ticket if you send a photo or video of you doing hot laps. TWO extra tickets if you do your hot laps in a costume!  Happy hot lapping!

Week #3 Challenge: April 2

We were very impressed with the creative ways you chose to do your hot lap challenge yesterday. We hope you’ll visit the YMCA Trail Blazer Facebook page to view some of the hilarious videos that were sent in.

We look forward to seeing how creative you get with today’s challenge!




Obstacle course: Use some furniture, and also some chalk to draw out a course ranging from the inside of your house to the garden or corridor outside. Add challenges to the course. You can add a puzzle to be solved, a vast area to be crossed without touching the ground, etc.

Dance Party! By far the simplest and the most fun-filled activity to do to get that cardio workout. Tip: Costumes make dance parties way more fun!


Don't forget to let us know when you’ve completed one or both of these activities so we can add more raffle tickets to the jar. Extra points (aka raffle tickets) for being extra creative! 

Week #3 Challenge: April 3

Today’s challenge is brought to you by a very puffy panda bear.

Her message: “Panda Planks & Push Ups. Let’s get your Friday muscles on!”


Warning: She makes the plank and push up combo look easy. It is not! Show us your muscles and get creative with your planks and pushups!


Extra raffle tickets for originality!  View the video on the YMCA Trail Blazers Facebook page: 

Week #3 Winners!

These tickets represent 1263 adventures!


In the last three weeks, 151 of you have participated in the Trail Blazers/Girls on the Run Daily Challenge. 52 Trail Blazers and Girls on the Run participants have had (at least) one adventure for 20 straight days! We are very inspired by your motivation and creativity. We especially love seeing all of you with your siblings and parents creating lasting memories through your adventures.


We chose three winners for the third week of the TB/GOTR Challenge. We will continue adding tickets to the raffle jar and pick FOUR winners next week. Keep the adventure photos and stories coming, friends! 


And the week three winners are . . . Aidan M, Lindy J and Nora S! Congratulations!

  • Aidan will receive a $25 gift certificate for Zane Burger. Aidan has had 2 – 3 adventures every day. We know that his brother, Titus was at Aidan’s side for most of these adventures.
  • Lindy will receive a $10 gift certificate for Village Books and a Trail Blazers Hoodie.  Double thumbs up to siblings, Piper and Sterling for completing every challenge with their sister.
  • Nora will receive a $20 gift certificate for Fairhaven Runners. Nora’s sister, Laoise deserves a big shout-out for being a creative, supportive adventure partner.