Due to the March 24, 2020 "Stay at Home" order from Governor Inslee, we will no longer be marking trails. We do encourage families to continue to get outside, exercise and have fun with your immediate families. If you have come up with clever ways adventure in your backyard, neighborhood or close to home trails, let us know and we will share it with others!

Each day, please send a photo or story about your adventures in the outdoors to jgallant@whatcomymca.org

Or you can share your image on our Facebook pages:

Week #2 Challenge: March 22

Today's Challenge will take you to beautiful Blaine! Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve is one place the Trail Blazer groups rarely get to visit. We hope you will take your family for a day of adventuring through the mossy forest.


The trail ends at a long stretch of beautiful beach (perfect for social distancing). We slapped on some gloves and hid our "hidden treasures" VERY well. It will take perseverance to find them! Happy trails!

Week #2 Challenge: March 23

We imagine the change in weather will make things even more challenging for families. On the bright side, outdoor spaces will be much quieter this week which will make adventuring one of the safest things your family can do. So throw on your best rain gear and get out there! 


Please remember that ANY adventure counts!  Puddle skipping in your own front yard and jump roping through a backyard obstacle course will be rewarded with raffle tickets. Let's get creative! Please keep sending photos so families can swap rainy day, social distancing adventure ideas! 


We will be marking a trail leading to Chuckanut Falls today. This is a serene hike through the mossy forest. Climb rocks and balance on logs along the way and before you know it, you'll be sitting peacefully at a cascading waterfall.  


Directions to Trailhead:  The North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead is between Old Samish Road and California Street off of Chuckanut Drive. Heading south from Bellingham on Chuckanut Drive, it takes 5-10 minutes, and is nearly impossible to miss. Parking is free and plentiful. 


Our friend, Todd Elsworth, of Recreation Northwest has a wonderful blog about Chuckanut Creek and Falls, check it out! Happy trails! 

Week #2 Challenge: March 25

We are so impressed with all of you positive and creative Trail Blazers and Girls on the Run families. Thank you for sending photos and stories from your backyard/neighborhood adventures. People are staying close to home yet we were still able to drop 34 raffle tickets in the jar yesterday. GOOD JOB! 


In all honesty, it broke our hearts to stop marking trails for families. Seeing kids share their Trail Blazers experience with their siblings and parents brought us such joy. However, our cup is being refilled by the minute! 

  • We have witnessed so much good in the last 24 hours.
  • Kids are out delivering letters to lonely neighbors.
  • They're making signs to thank health care workers and cranking out home-made masks to distribute.
  • They are gardening and helping parents with landscaping projects.
  • Siblings are creating new games involving hockey sticks and Nerf balls (and they don't appear to be killing each other!) :)


The best thing we see coming from all of this is the quality time families are spending together. 


Click on the blue button for photos from families being resilient, creative and AWESOME...in their own backyard! Please keep the photos and stories coming!

Week #2 Challenge: March 26

We are finding ourselves feeling extremely grateful for where we live. It is difficult to imagine living in a big city during this crisis. For Whatcom County residents, staying close to home means staying close to beautiful trails, waterfalls and lakes. 


Today, we challenge you to explore a beautiful place near your home. At the bottom of this page, you will find a map that highlights just a few of the best trails Bellingham has to offer. And for those of you in the county, we offer this website to help you find a new place to explore. 


If it is not possible to get to any of these places, we challenge you to take a walk in your own neighborhood and find the beauty that surrounds you every day. Please take a photo of something you think is beautiful and send it to us. Stay Safe, stay healthy and happy trails!

Week #2 Challenge: March 27



It looks like a wet weekend is in store! While some may see the wet weather as a damper on their plans, others see it as a blessing. However you choose to look at it, here are a few ways to work around the weather and stay active! 


  1. Workout in the rain. You can either let the drizzle discourage you or you can get out there and enjoy it. The bottom line is you’ll be sweating anyway, so a little rain will be refreshing.
  2. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes! So wear the right gear when you head out in the elements. A rain jacket and a baseball hat help me to enjoy running in any weather. Rain jackets should be made of breathable material, otherwise you’ll be cooking in no time.
  3. Hit the trails. Hiking or trail running on a rainy day will almost guarantee you have the trail to yourself. PERFECT for social distancing! When taking routes in the woods, the trees will catch much of the rainfall.


So get out there and have an adventure! Don’t let a little rain stop you. Happy trails!


Week #2 Challenge Winner

This week's Trail Blazers/Girls on the Run Adventure Challenge winners can thank the generous Coach Laura for their prizes! Congratulations to Lulu and Phoenix! 


Lulu will receive a $20 gift card for La Fiamma. I hope she will share with her adventure buddy, Jazzy. Phoenix will get to enjoy $20 worth of LaFeen's Donuts when they re-open. Perfect for a kid who has adventured for 13 straight days!


Thank you, Coach Laura !