Swim Lessons (all lessons are 25 minutes in length)

  • Lesson rules and procedures are subject to change based on Washington State COVID-19 guidelines
  • Parents MUST be in the water for ALL Levels, except Youth Levels 4-6. For the Youth Levels 4-6, parents are not required to be in the water but must remain on the Pool Deck (shoes off please). Parents must be one-on-one (One Parent and One Child) in the water
  • It is important for children to be placed in the correct swim level based on their current abilities. Students in a class that is too challenging will have to be placed in a lower level that may be full. If you are unsure of what level to register your child, please contact Eleanor, Aquatics Lead Guard, 360-255-0637 or
  • Please arrive for swim lessons NO MORE than 7 minutes before your lesson time for proper social distancing.