As we reopen we realize there will be a lot of questions. We have compiled a number of frequently asked questions and answers to help you with our reopening plans. We appreciate your patience as guidelines change daily and we will have to adjust as we receive the information.

Will everything be the same as when you closed?

No, to ensure we can appropriately manage social distancing and cleaning, you can expect parts of the facility to be closed and limited access to equipment. Many programs will also be suspended to ensure social distancing and no gatherings of more than 5 people. 


Why are some services not available?

Some services, like towel services, have been suspended to keep members and staff healthy. Suspending these services avoids high contact areas and contact with garments or towels that could contain germs. Please bring your own towel, mat and water bottle. For your safety, yoga classes will no longer be providing mats, straps, blankets, or blocks.


What is the YMCA doing to keep staff & members safe?

The YMCA has put in place measures to keep staff and members safe:

  • All members and staff will be screened before being allowed to enter the facilities.

  • All staff and members will wear masks (except when actively exercising).

  • Additional hand sanitization stations have been placed throughout the building.

  • Members must wipe down and sanitize BEFORE AND AFTER using any equipment.

  • Equipment has been spread out and cardio equipment availability has reduced to allowed for distancing. Signage is on the equipment and floors, to ensure 6 foot social distancing.

  • Protective plastic sheeting is in place at our Welcome Desk and minimum hand to hand transactions are encouraged.

  • Enhanced cleaning of equipment and spaces will be done with higher frequency.  Please be patient if your workout has a short delay for cleaning. Please note the following cleaning times on the 3rd and 4th floor (Aerobics Room and Bike area will be cleaned when those spaces are not in use)

  • Sections of the Wellness Center (Weight Room) and LifeFitness Room will be closed for cleaning during the day. Please visit our webpages to reserve your spot and review the times of cleaning:


Why can I only go one direction on the stairs? 

In our Stage 1 of reopening we will have our main staircase the UP and our emergency exit stairs the DOWN. Please utilize these stairs properly and exit the building out to State St from our emergency exit stairwell. We are limiting the amount of cross traffic that occurs on the main staircase. 


How do I reserve a spot in class, wellness center, LifeFitness room, courts or pools if I don’t have access to internet?

Please call the YMCA Welcome Desk, 360-733-8630 and they will help get a reservation set up. 


What if I would like to work out longer than an hour? 

Since we have to limit the number of individuals in areas, we are requesting members reserve only one hour. But please check with Welcome Desk or Wellness Center staff at the end of your reservation to see if there is an opening in the next hour.


Why can't I use the locker rooms and showers at the YMCA?

Due to strict guidelines and regulations from the Whatcom County Health Department, the locker rooms, showers, steam rooms and saunas cannot be properly sanitized under the current standards required. We ask that you shower at home.


Since the locker rooms are closed, where can I store my stuff when I work out?

It is asked that you bring only the minimum items you will need with you to work out to alleviate the need for storage. To avoid having potential tripping items around the Wellness Center, we ask that members store their items in the day-use lockers (available on the first floor or in the Wellness Center) or in the cubbies in the Wellness Center. Members attending classes will be able to set their items spread out along the wall in the classroom. 


I understand the locker rooms are closed, but am I able to change clothes anywhere else in the building? 

We ask that members come prepared to work out to avoid the need to change clothes while they are in the building. If members have to change clothes they will be able to utilize the bathroom stalls.

Is wearing a face covering safe? It feels hard to breathe when I wear one. 

While some people have health conditions that make face coverings unsafe, they are safe for nearly all of us, even if they feel uncomfortable at first and take a while to get used to. Public health experts agree face coverings are an important tool in preventing COVID and research is increasingly suggesting widespread use is effective. Make sure your face covering covers your mouth and nose but isn’t overly tight or restrictive. Choose a soft fabric such as cotton knit or use a bandana or scarf if that feels more comfortable.


When do I have to wear a mask? 

Masks are required as you travel around the YMCA building and when you move from machine to machine.

You do not need to wear a cloth face covering when you are in your own home or in your car, if you are only with people in your own household. You also do not need to wear a cloth face covering when you are exercising outdoors and you have plenty of space. It’s a good idea to keep one in your pocket, though, in case you come across other people you can’t stay six feet away from. And some people may have health conditions or circumstances that make wearing a cloth face covering difficult or dangerous. Once you are in your exercise spot at the Y, you may remove your mask to workout.