1-hour reservations are available for members and non-members.

If you are not a YMCA member, day passes are available for purchase ($12/day for an adult and $7/day for 19 & younger). We ask that all non-members 16 & older please provide photo ID. 

Masks are required at all times in Healthy Washington Phase 2 (even while actively playing).


  • Doubles play is allowed.
  • One reservation per 4 players.  We ask that all players arrive to the facility at the same time for check-in.
  • No more than 4 people in separate households allowed on the court at a time.
  • Players must keep MASKS ON THE ENTIRE TIME
  • Play time is limited to 1-hour and please bring your own paddle and ball.


  • FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD UNIT basketball is allowed.
  • One person reserves the court time and all family/household unit players arrive at the same time to check-in. 
  • Players must keep MASKS ON THE ENTIRE TIME
  • Play time is limited to 1-hour and please your own basketball

If you are unable to attend your reservation, we ask you to cancel as soon as possible to allow others to fill your spot. If you experience challenges registering or reserving a class, please contact Elana English, Marketing Director, eenglish@whatcomymca.org.


Apple device users, please click the red button below to reserve your spot (iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers). Please note that Apple devices may require you to "enable cookies" to utilize the SuperSaas reservation software.

To reserve a spot in class you must:

  1. Whatcom Family YMCA Members and Non-members may make a reservation. If not a YMCA member, you must purchase a day pass and 16 & older must provide photo ID.
  2. Register in the SuperSaas software (FREE). You must CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the SuperSaas Reservation Software before you are able to reserve a spot.
  3. Click on the time you would like to register in the schedule below and when prompted in the white pop-up box "sign-in". Choose "Keep me logged in" when registering so you are able to stay logged into your device you plan to make your reservations.
  4. Please use your First and Last name
  5. Once registered, find the reservation you would like to make and "create a new reservation"
  6. Reservations may only be made 24 hours in advance (just like checking into the flight, exactly 24 hours prior)