The Whatcom Family YMCA personal trainers are nationally certified professionals who work to empower their clients. Personal training provides assistance for everything from activities of daily living to becoming fit and active. Whether you are just getting started and need support, diagnosed with a health concern, an athlete, or just looking to make your health a priority, personal training at the Y is for you! One hour sessions can be purchased individually or partner personal training is available. 


I have trained many clients over the years and helped them achieve their fitness goals whether it is for general fitness, pre/post natal fitness, police/army fitness testing or endurance training for races. Whatever your goal, together with your commitment and my motivation, knowledge and experience we can attain your goals.

Life is busy, balancing a healthy lifestyle, work and family. Making time for fitness and taking care of yourself with good nutrition and fitness is essential for healthy living. There is no greater reward for me than seeing a client or class participant achieve their goal. I am committed to keeping up to date with the latest fitness and nutrition education so that I may pass on new information to clients.

Certified Personal Tainer:  NFPT, BCRPA, CAN FIT PRO, Pre/Post Natal

Group Exercise Instructor:  YMCA BCRPA, CAN FIT PRO, Stott Pilates

CPR & First Aid 


I didn’t find my passion for fitness until January 1, 2014. I was that person that would make a New Year’s resolution goal to lose weight. I tried for over 5 years, until I decided that it was time to make that change.

When I started, I became obsessed with fitness. I fell in love with it because I was introduced to different ways to lose weight and become healthier. I have experience with power lifting, body building, CrossFit and Olympic weight lifting. Now that I am nearing 5 years with fitness as a lifestyle, I have lost over 90 pounds and getting stronger daily. 

My goal is to use my scientific background, experience in physical therapy clinics and many different aspects of fitness to make a complete plan to help people lose weight and get strong in a motivating, inspiring and safe manner. I am especially passionate in helping the older population improve strength and flexibility by creating a functional fitness plan.

Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology - Western Washington University

American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Personal Trainer

CPR/AED - American Red Cross


As an adult, I’ve struggled with my weight and certainly struggled with the motivation to do something about it.  After my diagnosis and treatment for cancer, I could barely do any physical activity and was depressed and exhausted. Then I discovered LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. After my first 12-week session, I felt like a different person, both physically and emotionally. I participated in three successive LIVESTRONG sessions and this experience was, to put it simply, transforming. I tell people the YMCA changed my life and gave me a better one and this is my Truth.

I am in the best shape I have ever been in my entire life. I have a strong body and I realize finally that exercise is medicine.  I believe my personal experience puts me in a unique position to help others transform their lives too. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be of service to members as a Personal Trainer. I have a particular interest in helping older adults but I have worked with many teens with absolute joy too.  You will find me to be a very enthusiastic and motivating fitness partner! 

YMCA Certifications: Group Exercise, Strength & Conditioning and LIVESTRONG Instructor

FiTOUR Primary Indoor Cycling Instructor

YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach

ASHI CPR, AED and Basic First Aid


My personal fitness journey has evolved and continues to evolve throughout my life. I was an active athlete in my youth, but during my undergraduate career found that I needed to find types of activity to keep me feeling healthy and that also fit into my busy schedule. I fell in love with running and circuit workouts that could maximize my time and that I could do in my dorm room.

I was working full time and in graduate school when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My current fitness program had to pivot to accommodate my different health needs. I became more focused on my diet, lower impact workouts and exercises to reduce stress. 

As a fitness professional my goal is to help other individuals wherever they are on their personal fitness journey and as it changes throughout their life. I enjoy working with individuals who just don’t know where to start, individuals recovering from illness or injury and individuals that have specific health needs.  Each individual is unique and I am dedicated to providing personalized attention and encouragement to help them along their fitness journey. 

American Council of Exercise (ACE)

  • Personal Trainer
  • Weight Management Specialist
  • Senior Fitness Specialist

YMCA Certification - Group Exercise, Strength & Conditioning

CPR/AED - American Red Cross 


In grade school years I did ballet and track & field, and through trial and error found that I didn’t enjoy endurance activities. It wasn’t until after high school that I discovered strength training, but I quickly learned to love it. I competed in my first powerlifting competition in 2015 and have been competing ever since! My powerlifting ‘career’ has taken me to the international level, with several state and national records in my division. At university, I pursued a degree in Kinesiology due to my interest in human performance and exercise.

Although I might train for maximum strength, I enjoy teaching others how to utilize strength training in many ways. Supplementing an active lifestyle with any sort of resistance training aids in injury prevention and longevity of health. Whether you’re learning how to strength train or are an athlete, I can help! My NSCA CSCS certification gives me the tools to work with all ages from the general population up to professional athletes. I especially have a passion for training women and girls, because strength training is not only excellent for good health but incredibly empowering as well!

BSC in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

CPR/AED & First Aid from ASHI