The Whatcom Family YMCA is excited to offer Live Yoga classes through Zoom! Grab your yoga mat, block and blanket and click on the links below at class time for a great workout with Rebecca or Jessie Lu.


Call in option:  1-253-215-8782 (add meeting id and password listed under each class).


While participating in YMCA virtual exercise classes, you understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical movement, and that such activity carries the risk of injury whether physical or mental.

Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30am

Yoga with Rebecca

Expect an energizing class to start your day and get your energy flowing. We will begin with movements on the floor to sense into our bodies and rev up like a diesel engine; then move to standing postures; working on strength and balance. We will finish back on the floor exploring opening space as the result of our strength work. 

The class will have some challenges, however everything has a variation accessible to all bodies. No props are necessary though if you have a mat,  something that can be used like a yoga strap, and 1-2 blocks (or something that can be used in substitute like hardback books)...these will support your practice. I will offer suggestions with this when you first join in.

Meeting ID:  981 2544 8458

Password:   162629

Thursday, 11:00am-12:00pm

Yoga with Jessie Lu

A gentler mid-day break to connect breath with movement, build supporting strength and release areas of tension to work towards a state of balance. This class is for all levels from beginner to seasoned practitioner and modifications will be offered to include all. Suggested props include a blanket, strap and blocks (substitutions may involve a towel, pillow or books). 


Meeting ID:  984 9865 7845

Password:   641957