Here for Good Adventure Series 2022

In Support of the YMCA Annual Support Campaign


Participate in one, two or ALL of the events in this women's-only series.  Events include a surprise destination & trip leader, food, support and an event souvenir. Plan to spend a good part of the day on each one.

100% of the proceeds go to support the YMCA Annual Support Campaign. 

Fees are as follows: 

$100 per event:  You get a small surprise if you do the whole series!

Rebel Run: Sunday, July 10

Begins at 8am

Rebel against your daily go-to trails by following our top notch trip leader on a superfantastic new route that you will be able to add to your list of amazing places to run. These walk/jog/runs tend to be approximately three hours and are open to a variety of paces. 

Meet-up points are included, plus a staff sweep at the end to make sure no one drops off the back. You will need your own water and trail fuel, but we will provide more food at the end when your belly is growlin' for it.

Rebel Run Registration: Sunday, July 10

Boats & Goats: TBA

Day trip: 10AM - 5PM

You've heard of whale watching boat tours but have you ever heard of a goat petting boat tour? Come aboard for an adventure on Bellingham Bay with our fun Captain. Socialize, have a beverage & snacks and get your photo taken with some spunky goats! 

*Boats & Goats will be cancelled if there's horrendous weather.  Neither the boat, nor the goats, enjoy storms.

Boats and Goats Registration: TBA