Here for Families




Child Watch is a service for children (ages 3 months to 9 years) of YMCA members. Parents must remain in the facility while children are participating in Child Watch.


Child Watch Fees:

1 Child: $25/month

2 Children: $30/month


3+ Children: $35/month

Daily rate available.

Child Watch Information:


  • You must have either a current Child Watch card on file or a current receipt in order for us to provide care.


  • Child Watch is available for a maximum 2-hour stay per day.


  • There is a maximum of 10 children at all times. For safety reasons, the staff may use their discretion about the number of infants they can have at one time.


  • Parents are responsible for providing diapers (if needed) and any snacks for your children while in the center.


  • Please inform the staff about your child’s day. We always appreciate the communication from you.


  • If your child is having a difficult time or is not feeling well while in our care, we will page you to come to Child Watch.


  • Due to unexpected staff illnesses, if a substitute is unable to be secured, Child Watch may close for the day.