Zumba Is My Happy Hour

Zumba Party 2

Life Is Happier When You Dance


Nine years ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to check out a Zumba class with her at a local gym. My friend never went back, dancing was not her thing, but that one class was a life changing experience for me. Let me be clear, I tried just about every sport and workout there is, including handball, table tennis and figure skating. They were too competitive or boring or impossible to do.


But when I walked into that Zumba class, the word “competition” or “boring” or “workout” never crossed my mind. Because it’s none of those things, it’s a party and a celebration of the joy of life. Aerobic and dance movements are performed to catchy, energetic Latin dance beats and you can chose the level of intensity that works for you. In a short time. Zumba helped me lose weight, become more confident, and most importantly, connect with an amazing and supportive community of kind and generous people.


Two years after that first class, I became a licensed Zumba instructor. As an instructor I have had the opportunity to share my love of dance and fitness with a wide range of people. I truly love leading my classes by focusing on making them accessible to everyone through providing options for all ages and abilities. Regardless of the reason you decide to do Zumba - to lose weight, dance with a group of people, listen to the Latin American dance music, or see just how many silly faces I can make in an hour -  it will improve your health, release stress, work your mind,  and bring great joy to your spirit. Oh, and did I mention that you will also have FUN?


So join us and give it a try. I always recommend students who are new to dance or Zumba to give it four or five classes before making up their mind. Songs and dance routines are repeated in each class for at least a few months so that students have the opportunity to learn them well and fully enjoy the experience.

Natasha - Zumba Instructor

Benefits of Zumba (and dancing in general):

  • Improves your balance and coordination
  • Offers protection against dementia
  • Can improve symptoms of depression
  • Helps control "Emotional Eating"
  • Creates new pathways for the brain
  • Activates brain's reward center
  • Connects you to everyone else in the room
  • Great for weight loss
  • Boosts your heart health
  • Makes you happy!

We hope to see you at our Zumba classes at the Bellingham YMCA:

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Zumba is free is your YMCA Membership!