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Teens Participate In Mock Interviews


The teens of Youth Institute (YI) were powerhouses over the summer learning about digital media arts. Now that fall is upon us, we're settling into after school mode. This month, our program has taken on the theme of professionalism. In anticipation of applying for their first jobs, YI teens learned how to make a resume, dress professionally, and successfully perform in an interview. 

Thanks to the generosity of WiseBuys, a thrift store downtown owned by Lydia Place, our teens were given an opportunity to find their own professional style. WiseBuys invited Youth Institute to come in when the store was closed to the public, and spend a couple hours shopping around.

Later, the teens used their new professional outfits to participate in a mock interview conducted by department directors from our YMCA. It was an intimidating process, the teens said, but better to practice now than to wing it when a real job is on the line!


Thank you Lydia Place and Wise Buys for your support!

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