The YMCA's Triple Threat

Three Sisters Instructors

These Three Sisters Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals!


The Bellingham YMCA offers Strength Train Together, a fun and effective muscle-building workout.


What is a triple threat, you ask?  Two definitions:

1. An effective lower-body movement focusing on the bottom-half of a squat for three reps before coming up to a standing position.

2. The sister trio comprising half of the Strength Train Together teaching team.



She’s the oldest, by 17 months, and the leader of the triple threat sister pack. Nowadays you can find Claire teaching Strength Train Together at o’dark thirty, aka 6 a.m., on Friday mornings; though she wasn’t always the fitness freak that you see at the front. Claire’s fitness journey started in marching band where she was able to fulfill her high school PE requirement by merely shuffling across a football field at half-time shows. 

After high school, however, Claire learned to love exercise and has gone on to compete in triathlons and half-marathons. She loves teaching the class to feel strong, build community in a team environment, and rock out to the wailing guitar solos featured prominently in so many of the tracks. 



The middle sister, Meredith has always had a desire to run, kick, or move in some way. Meredith started her career as a high school Latin teacher, and after having three kids she moved into a new kind of teaching role—that of a fitness instructor. 

After moving to Bellingham Meredith started teaching classes at Bellingham Jazzercise, and has now found a home teaching Strength Train Together at the Y. She loves that the Y is so welcoming and inclusive, and also loves teaching on the same team as her two sisters. Meredith’s classes are at 12:10pm on Tuesdays.



The baby of the family, Hannah has always had a knack for sports. A true Jill-of-all-Trades, Hannah has excelled at an array of sports from an early age—basketball, soccer, and golf were some of her favorites growing up—and she has added mountain biking and Strength Train Together to her list. Hannah the class because it gives her the muscle power to excel at the other sports, also mitigating her risk for injury on the road while out for a run or on the mountain on her bike. Hannah teaches at 12:10 on Thursdays.


Strength Train Together is FREE for YMCA members. You can reserve your spot in class by calling our Welcome Desk the day before, 360-733-8630. Try out any of our classes today or make a goal to go to each of the sister's classes to experience the TRIPLE THREAT!