Who Needs Ice? Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey Blog

No ice, no problem.

Grab your snorkelit's underwater hockey time!

When you think of hockey, did you ever imagine it being played in a pool? Well come see for yourself on Wednesdays here at the downtown YMCA from 7:00 -8:30 pm. 


No experience is needed, just a good ole fashioned willingness to try a new sport and meet new people. As you can guess, a sport played underwater might not draw a huge spectator base, but you can find out what it is all about by jumping in and joining us for practice.  


We have all the equipment you need (fins, mask, snorkel, stick and gloves) to give it a try. Just come in your swimsuit.  


You likely will love it so much you will want to keep coming back! In addition to weekly practices, there are opportunities to play with our neighbors to the north in Vancouver as well as teams who practice in the Seattle area. We hope to see you soon on the bottom—of the pool that is!