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Judo Is FREE for YMCA Members. Join us!


Judo is available to all YMCA members. It is an Olympic sport that includes standing throws, pinning, and submission techniques based on ability and age appropriateness. It is also a martial art and includes several form perfecting “Kata” demonstrations. Beginner to advanced Judo skills are offered to all. This activity can improve your sense of balance, physical strength, and general well-being. It will enhance self-defense capabilities. Interested members regularly travel throughout the year to compete and/or attend clinics.


Join us at the Bellingham YMCA in the Aerobics Room on Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30 pm. School age members may shorten practice times (rec. 1hr) to insure education/health is not affected. Guest passes are available to check it out. During the 1st class wear loose clothing with a long sleeved shirt. After interest is confirmed then a white and/or blue judogi is required. Purchase at the club or online. National membership is required for any competition attendance. Active members are typically registered with the US Judo Federation. 


Black belt instructors show members how to do judo properly and safely so as to enjoy the experience while improving. Each person will be encouraged to further their skills during class. Typically most players experience the physical challenges of the sport as their ability improves. Our classes encourage camaraderie and inclusion. We make the class fun while improving self confidence. Dedicated students will be rewarded with belt advancement opportunities.


Beginner to advanced Judo skills taught. This class will help with balance, physical fitness, self confidence, and self defense. It is both an Olympic sport and martial art. All members are welcomed while camaraderie and inclusion is the norm. Give it a try! It’s the class where you get to throw your teacher!

Tuesdays & Thursday


Bellingham YMCA 

Free for YMCA Members
Day Pass for Non-Members