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Youth & Government Helps Teens Learn About The Legislature


Washington State Youth and Government has been a long standing, non-partisan, civic engagement program for teens, giving them hands on experience to the inner workings of our state government by participating in a model legislature. Each year local teens gain knowledge on how democracy works by learning at a local level how ideas become bills and bills become law, parliamentary procedure, debate and persuasion skills, and the art of compromise/communication.


One of the only programs that is granted access to the Capitol and Legislative Committee Rooms, Youth and Government is a unique experience that grants students an opportunity to experience all aspects of the state legislative process including legislatures, the executive branch, press and lobbyists.


Whatcom’s Delegation will begin meeting weekly to prepare for the 72nd State Convention that takes place in May. Our meetings are held Monday 6:30-8:00pm at the Whatcom Family YMCA in Bellingham. Students discuss issues facing the state, refining their debate skills and learning how to write a bill. Anyone interested in joining should contact Lynda Purdie at 360-255-0632 or

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