Tips To Help You As You Stay At Home

Couple Walking Outdoors

Stay Healthy, Keep Moving, Improve Your Mental Well-Being


As we try to slow the spread of COVID-19 it is important that we follow health department recommendations to stay home and physically distance ourselves from others however staying home for long periods of time poses challenges to staying physically active. Self quarantine can also affect your mental health by adding additional stress to your life.


One thing you can do to offset this is include physical activity and relaxation techniques to your daily routines.Physical exercise not only helps our heart and skeletal muscles stay fit but also helps to promote a stronger immune system. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises help to calm the mind and our nervous system. 


Here are some tips to help you stay active and less sedentary while at home:


  1. Take breaks from sitting during the day. Set the timer on your stove or phone and when it goes off, get up move around for 5-10 mins
  2. Put on some music and dance or participate in an online fitness class
  3. Walk briskly around your house or if you have a set of stairs set a goal to go up and down them for a specific number of times during the day
  4. Stand up whenever possible. Try not to sit for more than 30 mins in a row
  5. Intentionally relax. Close your eyes while you imagine you are in a special place or try taking several slow deep breaths to help you stay calm and centered.  


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