Thank you, Seeking Health

child coloring

For contributing $8,500 to the Whatcom Family YMCA' s Early Learning Program!

Seeking Health has generously partnered with the Whatcom YMCA to support our Early Learning Program. Donations like this are critical for the Y to be able to continue to provide safe, enriching care for children of essential workers during this crisis and as we move forward. 


Early learning is especially important since brain development is most rapid in the early years of life. It is vital that every child, especially those from impoverished backgrounds, have access to positive learning environments. This is why the Y is open to all and accepts state subsidies and offers scholarships for those families in need. Studies show supporting children’s early learning can lead to: a better chance of staying in school and going to college, lower levels of welfare dependence and crime rates, improved health, and a longer lifespan. Here at the YMCA, we want these positive outcomes for every child.


We are so grateful for our partners and community during these uncertain times. Thank you, Seeking Health, for stepping up and making your commitment to provide a nurturing and warm environment for ALL our Whatcom County children and families. Together, we can build a better future!


About Seeking Health

Seeking Health is a vitamin and supplement supplier whose goal is to build health by optimizing digestion, reducing environmental exposure and toxic burden, and optimizing diet so nutrients can flood in. Their products increase energy and help the immune system and overall health.  

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