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Community Partnerships To Help Early Learning Program

The Whatcom Family YMCA would like to thank The Opportunity Council/Child Care Aware of NW Washington for allowing our early learning programs to participate in the Teaching Strategies Gold Pilot Program. This pilot will allow us access to Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) for children ages 3-5 years.

TSG is an online, observational assessment measure that will be used by the teachers in our preschool and prekindergarten programs to assess ongoing development. The pilot will give us access to the program, important training, and other supports to fully implement this research-based assessment! 

We are especially excited about using this system alongside other programs in the area that are utilizing it, including ECEAP, Headstart, and our local public kindergartens. In the initial stages of the pilot, the teachers are enjoying the experience of documenting the development of each child and noticing new aspects of their daily learning.

We use photos, videos, work samples and brief notes to describe what the child is doing in the context of their everyday experiences to determine what they can do, and their strengths and needs within 6 areas of learning/development. The assessment information is used by teachers to determine what’s next for children, in specific areas of development. They plan activities, scaffold learning and check for progress during this time. 

Ultimately, this program will help our teachers learn and grow in assessing children’s areas of development, further their own professional development, and help improve our program’s practices in both curriculum and assessment. We are grateful to be partners in this pilot!

Thank You to the following organizations for making this program possible:



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