Take the Trail Blazers & Girls on the Run 6-Week Challenge!

TB-GOTR Challenge

Update March 30, 2020

Stay home! Stay healthy! But still get outside!


With the Stay At Home mandate from Governor Inslee, we have had to "pivot" a bit. We will no longer be marking a specific trail each day. We appreciate the steps all families have taken during our challenge to provide safe social distancing when getting outside. Still get outside and share your adventures. We will be posting new ideas to help you maintain fitness and health throughout the 6-weeks.


We have Weeks 1, 2 & 3 available so still plan a daily dose of the outdoors! We have enlisted some special friends to help motivate us this week! If any trails are close to your home, the governor said you can still go for a walk with your immediate families. Practice safe social distancing if you encounter others! 


Parents can let us know via email, text or Facebook message when their runner completes an outdoor adventure of any kind, anywhere. We encourage you to post photos from your adventures on our YMCA Facebook pages to motivate other families to follow suit. We will enter your child's name in a raffle every time they complete an outdoor adventure.


We will continue to place names into our raffle bin for kids to win great prizes from local vendors.