Stronger Survivors

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Spring LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Classes Kicking Off Soon!


By:  Jennifer Willner, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Alumni & Facilitator


Cancer treatment affects everyone differently, but most will agree that it is very difficult process with often long-term physical side effects and emotional impact.  Wherever you are in your recovery from cancer treatment, the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program will empower you to rebuild your well-being.


It is truly a life-transforming experience. For 12 weeks, instructors specifically trained in cancer recovery will tailor a fitness program personal to you.  It doesn’t matter how long ago you finished cancer treatment, you are eligible to participate in LIVESTRONG. You will meet other survivors in their journeys towards improved health and well-being and the group will become a wonderful source of support and encouragement. LIVESTRONG also fosters lasting friendships and workout partner relationships.


LIVESTRONG tailors a fitness program specifically to your abilities, with the goal to improve strength, mobility, balance and endurance.  Contact Tammy Bennett at or 360-733-8630 for more information or to schedule an intake appointment.