Reserve Your Swim Time In The Pool!

Swimmer Blue

You can reserve your spot in the large or small pool up to 24 hours in advance!


Due to a rollback in phasing by the State of Washington, our Wellness Center (weight room), LifeFitness Room, Racquetball/Squash Courts and In-Person Group Fitness Classes will be closed Nov. 17 - Dec. 14.


To reserve a spot in one of our pools you must:

  1. Be a Whatcom Family YMCA Member (we are not accepting any other YMCA memberships at this time).
  2. Register in the SuperSaas software (FREE).
  3. Click on the time you would like to register in the schedule below and when prompted in the white pop-up box "sign-in". Choose "Keep me logged in" when registering so you are able to stay logged into your device you plan to make your reservations.
  4. Please use your First and Last name.
  5. Once registered, find the time you would like to swim and "create a new reservation".
  6. Reservations may only be made 24 hours in advance (just like checking into the flight, exactly 24 hours prior).