Positively Impacting Our Community

GOTR Comm. Serve Spr 2019

Making A Difference Throughout Whatcom County


The Girls on the Run and Trail Blazer teams from all over Whatcom County worked hard this spring to give back. Each season, the teams decide how and who will benefit from their Community Impact Projects. These can range from a bake sale, to reading to seniors, to trail clean-up, to a car wash fundraiser, but the great thing is that the girls and boys are the ones to decide how to give back.


We are so proud of all of the teams that took time to help others in need.


GOTR Community Impact Projects Spring 2019


  • Acme GOTR held a school-wide drive and collected 9 bags of supplies for an animal shelter in Burlington.
  • Birchwood GOTR collected items from the Wish List for Whatcom Humane Society.
  • Blaine GOTR made and delivered cards to the Blaine Senior Center.
  • Carl Cozier GOTR braided tug toys out of old shirts and blankets for the Whatcom Humane Society.
  • Columbia GOTR raised over $200 through a bake sale for the “Laundry Love” Program. This program will help the homeless community launder their clothes.
  • Everson GOTR made cards and posters for a girl at their school who is gravely ill.
  • Harmony GOTR had a Pennies for Pets collection and donated $365 to Whatcom Humane Society.
  • Lowell GOTR held a bake sale at Taylor Dock and raised $117! They created flyers with information on the causes they were supporting. People could choose to support the Lighthouse Mission, planting trees or saving killer whales.
  • Nooksack GOTR made cards for children in the hospital.
  • Parkview GOTR picked up garbage around their school and in the park.  It was a real eye opener for them, as at first they didn't SEE anything but were surprised at the amount that was there...everywhere!
  • Roosevelt GOTR collected trash along the Railroad Trail.
  • Silver Beach GOTR held a bake sale at Bloedel Donovan. The proceeds from their sale went to Old Dog Haven which provides homes for abandoned senior dogs
  • Sunnyland GOTR team is spreading kindness by painting rocks with positive messages. They will place the rocks on trails for people to discover!

Trail Blazers Community Impact Spring 2019


  • Birchwood Trail Blazers picked up three large bags of trash around Squalicum Beach. 
  • Carl Cozier and Geneva Trail Blazers cleaned up Stimpson Nature Preserve in Sudden Valley
  • Columbia Trail Blazers cleaned debris off of Lookout Mountain’s Waterfall Trail
  • Happy Valley, Lowell, Silver Beach, Sunnyland, and Wade King Trail Blazers worked on building a brand new trail on Galbraith Mountain
  • Parkview Trail Blazers had a blast decommissioning old, unsafe trails on Stewart Mountain.
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