New Triobike Taxi Program For Low Mobility Individuals

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Helping those with low-mobility enjoy the outdoors!

Wouldn't it be fun to take people who are low-mobility on bike rides in this beautiful place we call home? What if you could pick up someone, and their friend, in a pedicab and head out on low traffic streets, or trails, to chat, tell stories, sing, or just ride and feel the wind in your hair while taking in while enjoying the great outdoors? These are questions we asked ourselves after seeing Christiana's Triobike Taxi and finding out how people all over the world are using it. 

Our answer was found first in community support from SSC, Mount Baker Bicycle Club and Fanatik Bike Co.  Thanks to these three generous donors, the YMCA is the proud owner of a Triobike Taxi and is preparing to do community rides with organizations like the Max Higbee Center, the Leopold, and Eleanor Apartments.

Our ultimate goal is to match volunteers with passengers and events whether it's riding once a week and creating a relationship, having Ride Days to jazz up the afternoon for low-mobility residents of local organizations, or joining in on special events like the finish line of the Chuckanut Classic or the Bellingham St. Paddy's Parade.

If you are interested in Triobike Taxi programming for people with low-mobility, call or email Tammy Bennett at the YMCA (360)733-8630 or



We had a great time at our Triobike Ribbon cutting ceremony, August 17th. We were able to provide rides to those who requested and are excited for this new community outreach program.


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