My Y Story - Enhance®Fitness

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Enhance®Fitness Improves Fitness While Having Fun!

"Before I started participating in Enhance®Fitness I would have to take the elevator to my 3rd floor apartment more often then not. With every session of the class I got a little bit stronger.  After the New Year I visited my son in D.C.  When he picked me up at the airport he was amazed that I could not only walk up the stairs after getting my luggage, but I was actually able to carry one of my bags as well. Being stronger has given me back my independence."

Enhance®Fitness participant


Enhance®Fitness is a 16 week evidence-based exercise and fall prevention program that was developed specifically for older adults. Each session begins and ends with an assessment so participants can monitor their progress. The hour long class meets 3 times a week and includes low impact heart healthy movements as well as exercises to improve strength and flexibility.


One of the goals of the class is to give participants the ability to be confident in doing activities of daily living. In addition to the physical benefits, the classes also allow participants to meet new friends and do more things.


The Whatcom Family YMCA has been teaching this class at a senior housing facility in downtown Bellingham for the last year and will be starting a new session at Ferndale YMCA in July.  For more information on the EnhanceFitness program, please contact Mary Latta at 360-733-8630 or