Kickbox Your Way To Fitness & Stress Reduction

Wkx Boxing

Wkx Kickboxing


Now that we’re officially into the fall, with lots of wet weather and shorter days, this might be a good time to try something new at the Y.  Wkx Kickboxing is included in your membership and makes Thursday nights at 5:30pm fun & challenging at the Bellingham YMCA. New students/members will get to experience a new fun way to get a great workout. It's a lot of fun getting to punch and kick with a group.


Instructor Lut Ganief says, "I love to teach at the Y because it has a community feel to it. Everyone here is friendly, and everyone is here to help each other out. I enjoy helping/coaching people so I'm glad to be a part of that. All newcomers are welcome and you don't have to have experience.  I don't push anyone past their comfort limit. You will work at your own pace while gaining knowledge and experience. It's a group setting and everyone is there to help each other out, and learn together. No egos allowed in the class!”


This dynamic and explosive class will incorporate kickboxing technique with high energy cardio. Class encompasses the technical aspects of kickboxing. Learn skills such as efficient form in throwing punches, kicks, knees, and footwork. You will increase your aerobic capacity and learn conditioning drills that improve your strength, balance, power, agility, and quickness while increasing your self-confidence and your overall fitness level.  


Mark your calendar for your first Wkx Kickboxing class today and take your workout level up a notch and your stress level down a notch.  That’s win/win, right?