Improving Health Through EnhanceFitness

Enhance Fitness

EnhanceFitness Helps Those With Arthritis Improve Their Health


"When I started taking EnhanceFitness 4 weeks ago, I lost my breath quickly and was unable to do many of the stretches because of my poor flexibility.  Now I don't have to stop as often during class and the stretches have become easier to do. I find I have more energy and can do things around my house with less pain."  

Enhance Fitness Participant/Eleanor Apartments


EnhanceFitness, a 16 week evidence-based group exercise program that helps older adults maintain, or improve, the physical functions they need to live independently, and is especially effective for adults living with arthritis. 

The Whatcom Family YMCA offers this class three times a week at a senior housing facility in Bellingham. The program includes pre and post assessments, exercises for cardiovascular endurance, strength training, balance and flexibility. The goal is to help seniors prevent or manage chronic conditions and additional benefits include improved social & physical functioning, decreased depression and fewer hospital visits.

For more information on EnhanceFitness, or to bring this YMCA program to your senior facility, please contact Mary Latta at 360-733-8630 or

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