I Am Rock Steady

Rock Steady Heavy Bag

People with Parkinson's Rock Steady at the YMCA!


Thanks to the Rock Steady Boxing Program and a generous grant from the Bellingham Central Lions Club, people with Parkinson's Disease in Whatcom County have a new way to fight back!  While there is no known cure, vigorous exercise is one of our best prescriptions for the treatment of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.


A panel of sports scientists from the United States Olympic Committee tested 60 sports on degree of difficulty, including agility, endurance, strength, hand-eye coordination and analytic aptitude.  Non-contact boxing training  empowers thousands of People with Parkinson's worldwide with functional movement fitness, intense, circuit-based training, a supportive community, tough love and FUN!   Each class includes 90 minutes of non-contact boxing training (20-30 minutes warm up, 30-45 minutes workout, 5-10 minutes core work and 5-10 minutes cool down).  


Tuesdays & Thursdays


Bellingham YMCA Racquetball Courts 2&3

$100/month YMCA Members
$120/month Program Members ($30 Annual Program Member fee is required)

Financial Assistance is available