Hoopin' Around

Hula Hoop Instructors

Try A New, Fun, Hula Hoop Class!


Have you tried Hula Hooping as an adult? Give it a try, have fun and get a great workout! Try our NEW Hula Hoop Flow class:

Begins October 22

Tuesdays: 5:35-6:35pm

Bellingham YMCA 4th Floor Aerobics Room

FREE for YMCA Members

Hoops are provided or bring your own!


We asked our instructors how they got into hooping, maybe you will follow the same path?



Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to learning to waist and shoulder hoop bigger is definitely easier! When I first discovered bigger circumference hoops I was in love. I could do things I could never do with traditional kid’s size hula hoops. Then I learned how to make them and it was game changing.

Four years ago my passion for hooping was reignited when I found a coil of tubing that had been waiting for years to be cut into smaller circles. Then a simple search on YouTube opened my eyes to a new world and a community of hoopers who could do things I’d never dreamed of (and I’m a big dreamer). 

These plastic circles have changed my life is so many brilliant ways. I became a Hoop Love Coach in 2017 with the aim to better share the sense of wonder, happiness and fitness that these hoops bring. I’m grateful that age doesn’t matter when it comes to flow arts such as this because I feel like my hoop journey has really just begun.



My hoop journey started in the Summer of 2015 when I saw a friend waist hooping at Lake Padden. She let me take one of her hoops home and my love of the activity began. I began hula hooping every extra second I had: on-body, doubles, hoop tech - it taught me to dance! I was never in better shape than when I was hooping every day. I loved having a new hobby.

There’s an immense amount of self-love and inspired creativity inherent within the hoop community. It truly creates a mind + body fusion like no other. You get to meet new people, learn new tricks, and constantly be progressing!

Though I don’t spend as much time hula hooping as I used to, it is and always will be a part of my life. I am SO EXCITED to set aside time for this wonderful sport and encouraging others to do the same. 


So whether you’re in it for the mental and physical health benefits, the dance, the flow, the people... hooping gets you where you want to be!