Growing strong girls in body and mind!

GOTR Finish Line

The Y You Don't Know - Girls on the Run


Girls spend 10 weeks playing games, bonding with peers and learning life lessons at Girls on the Run. They learn what it means to respect themselves and others.  Together they build strength in their bodies through movement and strength in their spirit by celebrating what makes them unique. 


The girls, alone and collectively with the team, gain confidence through accomplishment as they complete their season goal of running a 5K event...together!



"Girls on the Run in such a short time, turned my daughter around as far as self-confidence is concerned. She is more upbeat and more engaged in our family life-and just really seems a lot happier!! Thank you for such a great program, and giving her the tools she needs to be secure and self-confident!"

- Parent of Fisher GOTR Participant


"After Girls on the Run I feel more confident in myself."

- Girls on the Run Participant




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