Congrats, Youth Institute Students!

Youth Institute Graduation

Youth Institute Celebrates Another Successful Summer


Congratulations to the graduating Youth Institute class of Summer 2019! Everyone at our Y is incredibly proud and inspired by all that you have accomplished over the course of this program.


Throughout the summer, YI uncovered strengths by overcoming everyday challenges. While completing their digital media arts projects, the teens were also working towards improving their own interpersonal skill sets through consistent social interactions and group work. These new tools include practicing inclusivity, flexibility, emotion management, conflict resolution, and building positive relationships. 


Our group projects pushed many of our youth to step up and out of their comfort zone in order to experience what it's like to be an effective leader. Not only did our youth expand their technological knowledge through assigned projects, but they also were able to get a small glimpse of what their lives may look like when they reach the job force.  


We look forward to seeing you grow during this school year, and we can’t wait for next summer to continue our exploration in personal development.


Again, we are so proud of our YI alumni! Thank you everyone for making this an incredible and memorable summer here at the Youth Institute.

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