Changing Lives . . .

Teen at Table

Strengthening Community


The YMCA Teen Department works with young adults from all kinds of backgrounds. Perhaps one of the most influential groups though, are the young ladies at SeaMar’s Visions Youth Treatment Center.


We partnered with Visions back in April 2018. Since then, the scope of our engagement has grown from meeting once a month, to now running an on-going Y-Adventure School program every week of the school year. The Visions YAS program is different from others that the Teen Department runs. Although it still highlights outdoor education and nutrition, our main focus is on life skills; attempting to specifically meet the needs of people returning to life after rehab. 

Over the last couple months, we have accomplished so much! The girls have created resumes to take home, participated in mock job interviews, planned itineraries for traveling abroad, and taken a number of cooking classes. They’ve rock climbed, gone swimming, done mindfulness exercises, toured colleges, and have visited parks all over Whatcom County.


And we’re not stopping there! Every week is a new adventure with Visions. As one participant mentioned the other day, “I look forward to this day of the week all week long”.  This group is eager to learn and determined to grow, and we are so honored to play a part in their story. 

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