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Your Body is Meant to Move


When life throws you lemon, you make lemonade. When the YMCA closes its facilities, you get moving at home. Your body is meant to move and inertia breeds inertia, so we would like to give you a few tips & tools to help you maintain muscle, bone, endurance and, of course, a nice dose of feel-good endorphins.

  1. Tivity Health offers an array of safe, effective videos that you can follow from home. You can access these even if you are not a SilverSneaker.  We realize it’s not the same as exercising with your friends and your favorite instructors, but it will help you stay fit until being together is possible again. Check our our SilverSneakers On-Demand page.

  2. If you have a Facebook account, there is a SilverSneakers Facebook page. When you go to it, look to the column on the left and click on videos. There are all kinds of workouts you can do with no special equipment and some are quite fun. David Jack is one of the instructors that our own SilverSneakers instructors get good ideas from. You may recognize some of the activities in his videos!

  3. Another resource is YMCA360. Lots of variety in this grouping. You may have to sift through these videos a little more as some of these workouts are high intensity or do exercises that aren’t always older-body appropriate. We know that you are good at honoring what your body can or cannot do. Please continue that trend at home.

  4. If Videos are not your thing, consider peppering your day with little bursts of activity.


  • Walking is always good, and a ten-minute stretch at a time counts toward your cardiovascular total of 150 minutes per week! 
  • Chair Stands (your favorite!) are possible on any sturdy chair that doesn’t move.  
  • If you have stairs in your house, that can help you with lower body strength & endurance if your joints allow it.
  • Practicing balance is always smart.  Try standing on one leg or with one foot flat/one foot to-down). Be close to something sturdy that doesn’t move, is always smart.
  • Also, think about ways to fragment your sitting-break it up into pieces.  A few times every hour, make sure to get up and move as much as possible. The easiest technique for this is to get up and get a drink of water. You will HAVE to get up more!