An Impact Membership does more...more for you, more for the YMCA, more for ALL. 

When you join our YMCA family you are not only ensuring that the YMCA is there to meet community needs, but you are also receiving some pretty cool benefits!



  • Opportunity to become a community change agent
  • Membership to support impactful and purposeful work in the community
  • Access to an online community with tools, resources and education to drive change within yourself and your community and address the well-being of you and your family
  • Quarterly e-newsletter with stories of impact, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Opportunity to provide an Impact Membership to someone in need through our Join For One = Support For All Program
  • Engagement opportunities with the YMCA and other change agents through community events seminars, and more throughout the year
  • Upgrade at anytime to access a variety of additional programs and services including Wellness Centers, group exercise classes, pools and more at the Bellingham YMCA.


Join today!